Are you a business owner? Skyrocket your business.


Are you tired of printing and distributing flyers in your city? Are you tired of waiting for a graphic designer to design your ad? Is a marketing agency financially inaccessible to you and does not allow you to post a last-minute ad for your local event? Do you also feel it has become too complicated for you as a small business owner to catch up with all new strategies?

Advertising with Meemma on Meeloo devices in your city solves all these problems. It’s made for small business owners like you.

Free registering on Meemma dashboard you get access to all Meeloo devices available in your city, you can choose a period of time for your ads to be displayed and you can simply calculate how much you can get for your budget.

You can simply create your ads on one of the apps or softwares available on the market and you will advertise to locals, tourists who travel through your city or other people on a business trip who appreciate to see your ads about restaurants, cafes, events, etc.

Advertising with Meemma you will contribute a small commission to a driver who tries to keep your ads running and be visible to your potential customers.

Just 2€ per Meeloo device a day.
Select the number of devices.

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In few easy steps upload and run your ads on our Meeloo devices.

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